Integrated Adapters

Looking to make your watch band look more "integrated" with your Apple Watch? Use these after-market Integrated Adapters to lift your style game! The added benefit of these types of adapters, is that they are more robust than the standard adapters and do not require tightening the adapter screws (because there are none in these type of adapters). Each item comes with two adapters and a pin adjustment tool (which you'll need to install the adapters).

Important: Please note because of the manufacturing process, it is impossible to perfectly match metal colors. While these colors are close to the original Apple Watch colors, we do not guarantee an exact match!

Important: These types of adapters are only compatible with our following watch bands: Sport Nylon, Casual Nylon, Rugged Nylon, Classic Leather, Vintage Leather, Stainless Steel, Natural Wood, and Fusion.

This is an after-market accessory. This item is sold as-is, and cannot be returned for a refund or exchange.

Integrated Adapter Review