Global Artisan Watch Bands

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Bring a little piece of the world with you everywhere you go with the Global Artisan Bands for Apple Watch.

The Global Artisan Series is inspired by different countries/regions (using local fabric, patterns, and/or colors), paired with a comfortable genuine leather lining, and matched with high-quality black hardware. Draw inspiration from different parts of the world, or proudly display your country, with these unique and distinctive watch bands.

Global Artisan bands are made in Guatemala by local leather crafters. The fabrics used in this line are sourced from various regions of the world (that's why we call the line "Global"). While not all fabrics are from the specific country the band is named after, the textiles are sourced from local small businesses.

Don't forget to check out the Shanghai design. It is the first Apple Watch band made with silk!

Epic Watch Bands are compatible with all versions of Apple Watch, including Series 6, SE, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

These watch bands come with black adapters/buckle. If you'd like to replace the adapters to match your Apple Watch (e.g. silver), consider our color-matching Integrated Adapters.

Sizing Guide for Apple Watch Bands

The Global Artisan watch band for the 38mm/40mm Apple Watch will best fit a wrist size between 150mm to 195mm.

The Global Artisan watch band for the 42mm/44mm Apple Watch will best fit a wrist size between 160mm to 220mm.

How to check your wrist size:

Global Artisan Apple Watch Band Review

Owners Guide for Global Artisan Bands

For more videos, care instructions, and other tips to get the most out of this watch band, please visit the Global Artisan Owners Guide.