Giving Back

Here at Epic Watch Bands, we are committed to making contributions that help and support those who are in need, whether through chance or circumstance. By making a choice to help others, we can all enjoy a better world.

Join The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness For October 2019:
  • We will donate $1 for every "pink" band sold.
  • We will donate $10 for every Pink Carbon Fiber Storage Case sold.

This year, all donations will go Living Beyond Breast Cancer. LBBC addresses the current needs of people impacted by breast cancer, whether they are newly diagnosed, in treatment, recovery, living with a history of breast cancer or managing a metastatic form of the disease. We are proud to exclusively partner with them, due to their outstanding service, financial accountability & transparency (top rated by Charity Navigator), and the overwhemling positive support of this charity by our customers.