Epic Rewards

Enjoy amazing rewards when you shop with Epic Watch Bands!

Epic Reward Points!

There are many ways you can earn Epic Points!

place your order

When You Make A Purchase

Earn 1 Epic Point per $1 spent

celebrate birthday

Celebrate Your Birthday

Earn 50 Epic Points

like on facebook

Like Us on Facebook

Earn 50 Epic Points


Follow Us on Twitter

Earn 50 Epic Points 


Follow Us on Instagram

Earn 50 Epic Points

The More Points You Earn, The More Benefits You Get!

Unlock amazing perks and benefits as you collect more points!

Epic Rewards Benefits
epic family

Epic Family

epic insider

Epic Insider

epic vip

Epic VIP

Epic Points to Qualify 0 points per calendar year 300 points per calendar year 1000 points per calendar year
When You Make A Purchase Earn 1 Epic Point per $1 spent Earn 2 Epic Point per $1 spent Earn 3 Epic Point per $1 spent
Early Access To Public Sales After first purchase check icon check icon
Private Deals & Special Offers check icon check icon
Exclusive Sale Events     check icon
Reward Discount 20% Coupon Code 30% Coupon Code

Earn Even More Points When You Share Deals

Give your family and friends a 15% discount coupon and earn 200 Epic Points with their first purchase. Just share your Epic Referral URL and start earning!

Spend Your Points On Epic Rewards

Redeeming your points is the best part! The more points you earn, the more you save:


 For every 250 Epic points you can get $5 Epic Gift Card.


 For every 500 Epic points you can get $10 Epic Gift Card.


 For every 800 Epic points you can get $20 Epic Gift Card.


 For every 1000 Epic points you can get $30 Epic Gift Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my points?
Check your points by logging in to your Epic Rewards account. Click on the Epic Rewards button at the bottom left of your screen and a small page will pop up.
Will my points expire?
Yes, your points will expire if unused after 12 months.
How do I redeem my points?
You can start redeeming your points when it reaches 250. Log in to your Epic account and check on the Epic Rewards page. Once you have reached the minimum points, you will see a "Redeem" button beside the reward coupon. Click on the "Redeem" button and you'll be given a special gift card to spend. Copy the code and paste it on the discount box on your checkout on your next order.
Can I transfer my Epic points to another Epic account?
Unfortunately, you can't transfer your points to another Epic account. However, you have redeemed your points for $X Epic Gift Card, which you can give to someone else for them to use.
Can I use a discount code with the gift card from Epic Rewards?
Yes, just apply both codes one at a time on the "gift card and discount code" box on your checkout.
How many time can I use my gift card?
The gift card can be used more than once given that there is still a balance remaining on the card.