About Us

Epic Founders

In early 2017, Michael & Ian were tired of the same old watch bands that came with their Apple Watches. The options were official (but expensive) Apple bands, and there were limited color/style options. Or suspiciously cheap bands from Amazon (that took 4+ weeks to get shipped from China).

Wondering if anyone else had gotten frustrated with the quality of third party bands, they decided to start reviewing third party Apple Watch bands. This took them on a wild journey of contacting different manufacturers all over the world. Over time, they put together a collection of watch bands with impressive style, craftsmanship, quality and value. But when friends and family also wanted to buy those bands, they discovered that factories weren't willing to produce just a few at a time.

So they started negotiating to buy direct from the factories, cut out the middle man, and pass those savings on. And that is how Epic Watch Bands (or as we say "Epic") was created!