About Epic Watch Bands

The Problem That Started It All

In early 2017, Michael & Ian were tired of wearing the same old watch bands that came with their Apple Watches. The options were official (but expensive) Apple bands, but they had limited color/style options. Or unbelievably cheap bands from Amazon that looked great in pictures but the low-quality product fell apart within weeks. And in a few cases, where the seller turned out to be a total scammer and ran away with their hard-earned money. 😔

Frustrated at the available options, they decided to go direct to manufacturers to get bands with impressive style, craftsmanship, quality and value. But when friends and family also wanted to get some of those bands, they discovered that factories weren't willing to produce just a few at a time.

So they started negotiating to buy direct from the factories, cut out the middle man, and pass those savings on. And that is how Epic Watch Bands (or as we say "Epic") was created!

Epic Founders

* Epic Co-Founders, Michael & Ian, at the opening of our first warehouse facility.

We're Now On A Mission For All Apple Watch Owners

Since then, Epic Watch Bands has had a single-minded goal to offer the best selection of high-quality bands, straps and accessories – all at affordable prices. As Apple Watch enthusiasts, we design, make and sell products that we would want to use ourselves!

In recent times, a lot of copy-cats have popped up. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we do not dropship from China (which is why their orders take 6-10 weeks to arrive, or maybe never arrive at all). When you buy from Epic, your order is fulfilled from our California warehouse, and most US orders are received within 5 business days.

While we're not perfect, we try our best and make things right when we mess up. That’s why we offer a 30-day total satisfaction guarantee backed up by around-the-clock good old-fashioned customer service!

Have Questions?

Want to know more about our design philosophies, why we call our customers our Epic Family, or what bands Ian and Michael are wearing today? Ask us anything!