Metal+Wood Fusion Watch Band Owners Guide

Here are some important information that will ensure your watch band continues to look and perform well for you!

What you receive

Your band comes with a link adjustment tool.

Metal+Wood Fusion Apple Watch Band
* The above picture is an example only. The color/style shown may be different from what you purchased. Apple Watch not included.

There may be some protective plastic film on your band. This is to protect it during shipping and should be removed.

How to adjust your band to fit

This is a "link" band and may need to have links removed to properly fit your wrist. If you're good with your hands, you can use the included link adjustment tool to do this yourself. If you're not comfortable doing so, you can easily take it to a local watch store (where you'd go to replace watch batteries) or jeweler, and they should be able to do it for you.

This video will show you how to adjust this watch band.

* The video shows our old blue tool. The link adjustment tool we currently ship is black, but functions exactly the same way.

The Metal+Wood Fusion links are thinner than our other bands, so may require some minor wiggling to ensure the adjustment tool's pin enters the hole correctly.

How to remove your current watch band

This video will show you how to remove your original watch band.

How to install your new Metal+Wood Fusion watch band

Link-style bands can become stressed and break over time if you aren’t installing and removing your band properly. You can read more about how to avoid stressing your watch band.

This video will show you how to properly install your new watch band:

Metal piece should be on the bottom of the watch

Important: Please remember to attach the band to your watch, with the metal middle piece on the under-side of the watch. When the adapter is properly inserted into the groove you should hear a soft click as the watch locks onto the band. If you put it the wrong way around or the band does not "click" in, the band is probably not attached correctly and your watch may fall off!

We recommend you double-check that the band is correctly installed before wearing it.

What is the micro-screwdriver for?

The micro-screwdriver is not needed. It can be used to remove links (to adjust to fit), but using the blue-colored link adjustment tool is a far easier way to do that.

What is the spring-bar adjustment tool for?

The spring-bar adjustment tool is not needed. It can be used to remove links (to adjust to fit), but using the blue-colored link adjustment tool is a far easier way to do that.

How to clean your Metal+Wood Fusion watch band

All watch bands will get dirty over time. Dust, food, sweat, lotions and more can affect the look of your watch band. How often a band needs to be cleaned will depend on your situation, but we recommend cleaning as necessary but at least once every 2 weeks.

For this watch band:

  • Wipe the band clean with a nonabrasive, lint-free cloth. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water. Do not soak this band in water as this will warp and crack the wood.
  • If you used a damp cloth to clean, make sure you dry the band (with a different nonabrasive, lint-free cloth). Due to the difficulty of reaching all parts of this watch band with a cloth, we recommend leaving the band to air dry. Do not try to accelerate the drying process with a hair dryer (or other mechanical means), as the heat may damage the wood.

For additional information, read out general watch band cleaning guide.

Special Care Instructions

This band's metal is anodized stainless steel and then coated with a clear protective layer. To keep the band in top condition, avoid:

  • Rubbing the band against a hard material (such as metal or concrete), as that might scratch off the protective coating or the anodized color.
  • Environments with chemicals (eg. hairdresser) that might break down the protective coating.

Wood is a naturally soft material, softer than stainless steel. Be careful not to scratch it directly or indirectly (such as banging the watch band against a harder surface).

While we don't cover such wear-and-tear damage, if you treat the band like your Apple Watch, this band will continue looking great for a long time.

Product Warranty

This product is covered by our 1-year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If you have any questions about your product, please contact us — we will be happy to help!

Customer Service

If you have any other questions about your watch band, please contact us.

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