Are You Allergic to Your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch Band rash

If you've ever experienced that burning, itchy feeling on the skin around your wrist, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The culprit? Skin irritation.

The issue is even more apparent with smartwatches and wearable devices such as the Apple Watch. They can be worn 24/7, and are often made of synthetic material that come in contact with your skin. This problem can actually be from simple causes such as sweating and friction, all the way to medical conditions such as nickel allergy.

Why does my Apple Watch make me itch?

The most common reasons the Apple Watch bands cause rashes are:

Skin Irritation

When you wear the same Apple Watch band day after day, it doesn't take long for your skin to notice. While there are cases where a particular person won't experience the same problem others do, anything that's worn on the body for an extended period can be irritating. This can be further exacerbated if you wear your watch band too tight.

Fungal Infection

Under the right (or wrong!) conditions, fungus can grow on your skin. The perfect condition for fungus to thrive is dark and damp environments. For example,  if your skin is sweaty (don’t forget you sweat even if you’re not exercising) and that area of your skin isn’t exposed to air or light.

Contact Dermatitis

Some people have allergies to certain materials/chemicals:

  • The most well-known allergy is nickel allergy. Many people falsely believe that stainless steel is nickel-free, but most stainless steel alloys (even surgical stainless steel) contain 8-12% nickel. In cheap silicone bands, the lock-pin might not have been as well coated as it should have been, so nickel is well exposed to the skin (that’s one of the main reasons to avoid super cheap bands). Epic Watch Bands use high-grade stainless steel (lower nickel content) with more protective coating to prevent your skin from direct contact with the stainless steel.
  • Another common allergy is the latex allergy (inferior “silicone” bands are actually made with cheaper latex, while Epic Watch Bands use high quality food-grade silicone). Remember that not all Apple Watch Bands are created equal, so be careful shopping by price alone.

How to get rid of Apple Watch rash?

To avoid these skin problems:

Loosen Your Apple Watch Band

Minimize friction against your skin and allow your skin to breathe better. We recommend your Apple Watch band be loose enough so you can easily fit your index finger between your wrist and the band.

Clean Your Apple Watch Band

Over time, your watch band will become dirty (from dried sweat, to even debris that collects under the band). Any foreign material constantly rubbing against your skin will irritate! We recommend cleaning your Apple Watch band at least once every 2 weeks.

Take Off Your Apple Watch Band

Some people might enjoy Apple Watch’s sleep monitoring, but keeping your hand/watch under the blanket at night (where it is dark and humid) is one of the most common reasons for skin irritation. If you absolutely need to watch your Apple Watch overnight, then we recommend taking off your watch band for at least 30 minutes each day. But if you don’t need it overnight, then sleeping without it would be best especially if you have sensitive skin. That’ll give your skin time to breathe and recover from any irritation.

Replace Your Current Apple Watch Band

If you have already been experiencing skin problems with your current watch band, it is time that you begin looking into replacement bands. Check out Apple Watch bands that have better air circulation such as the Active Pro or a breathable fabric watch band such as the Braided Loop to avoid any further skin irritation.

The best Apple Watch bands for sensitive skin

Here are some of our recommended bands to avoid skin irritations:

Active Pro Silicone Watch Bands

Active Silicone Apple Watch Bands

The Active Silicone Apple Watch Band has custom airflow channels and more ventilation holes that provide maximum breathability for all-day use.

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Braided Loop Apple Watch Bands

Braided Loop Apple Watch Bands are a great alternative to leather or silicone watch straps. They are ideal for those times when you need a soft, breathable and durable alternative.

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Cotton Candy Silicone Apple Watch Bands

The Cotton Candy Silicone Apple Watch Band is the same soft silicone we're known for, but is infused with a unique blend of colors.

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