Unboxing the Apple Watch Series 5

All of us at Epic were excited to get our hands on the new Apple Watch Series 5! We did a little unboxing video below and listed all the new features that come with Series 5. Overall, it's pretty similar to the previous version but we're happy we won't have to keep flicking our wrists to see the time. Having the new compass feature will be amazing for all you nature-loving Apple Watch users (will come in handy during hikes!). If you're new to the Apple Watch game and thinking about picking one up, we definitely recommend it! We might a be a little biased though… Best of all, your Epic products will work with the new Series 5!

Our Apple Watch Series 5 unboxing video:

New Apple Watch Series 5 Features

The Series 5 is continues the evolution of the Apple Watch. While there are many tweaks with the new model, there are 2 new features that stand out:

  • Always-On Retina Display: which lets you glance at your Apple Watch inconspicuously or without raising your wrist. And even then, you'll still get an 18-hour battery life!
  • Built-In Compass: that will show you the direction you’re heading, as well as your latitude, longitude, elevation and incline. Perfect for hikers and runners!

Apple Watch Series 5 Color Options

The Series 5 offers the widest assortment of cases and materials ever seen on an Apple Watch:

Aluminum Apple Watch

  • Space Gray (same as Series 4)
  • Silver (same as Series 4)
  • Gold (same as Series 4)

Stainless Steel Apple Watch

  • Polished (same as Series 4)
  • Space Black (same as Series 4)
  • Gold (same as Series 4)

Titanium Apple Watch

  • Brushed (new in Series 5)
  • Space Black (new in Series 5)

White Ceramic Apple Watch (new in Series 5)

Apple Watch Case Size

Like the Series 4, the Apple Watch Series 5 comes in 2 sizes (40mm or 44mm).