Don't Stress Your Apple Watch Band

Some of our Apple Watch bands are known as "link bands". Link bands are one-piece bands, such as our Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Natural Wood bands.

Link-type Apple Watch bands can become stressed and break over time if you aren’t installing and removing your band properly. The most common problems we see from incorrectly handling the link Apple Watch bands are: broken or bent adapters, clasps that snap off and deformation of the band. Total failure of a link can also happen in extreme cases. Below are instructions on how to properly handle your link Apple Watch band to ensure it continues to look and perform well for you.

To install the band to your Apple Watch:

  1. First, make sure you open the watch band clasp. This gives you more room to work with and relieves unnecessary stress on the links as you attach it to your watch.
  2. Next, gently insert each side of the band into the watch groove. Do one adapter at a time and only insert the adapter slightly (less than half way) into the groove at this stage.
  3. Finally with both ends of the adapters partially inserted into the grooves, gently push both adapters at the same time. You should hear a soft click when the band is fully locked to the watch.

To remove the Apple Watch band you just reverse the above steps:

  1. Remember, you will always want to open up that clasp to alleviate any extra stress on your band as you complete this process.
  2. Once you have your clasp open, simply press in the adaptor release button on the backside of your watch to unlock the adaptors. You should do one side at a time, but don’t pull the band all the way out just yet (half way out is more than enough).
  3. Now that you have both adaptors slightly out, gently push the watch so that both ends slide out at the same time. Be careful that your watch doesn't fall to the ground when you are sliding the band out. We recommend you doing this over a table or some soft surface until you get the hang of this last step.

If you still have questions about this process, please contact Customer Service.

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