Best Apple Watch Bands for Cold Weather

It's that time of year when we find ourselves bundled up in coats and scarves, desperately trying to keep our hands warm. Unfortunately for those who wear smartwatches, this often means that their wrists are exposed to the elements without protection. But no matter how cold it gets outside, your Apple Watch is still going to need some kind of band so that it stays secure on your wrist and doesn't fall off whether you're heading out for a brisk morning walk or just trying to stay warm inside.

Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing an Apple Watch band for the cold months

  • Warmth: The material used in your cold weather Apple Watch band should be thick enough that it doesn't let any cold air through but thin enough that it's not too bulky. The ideal thickness is between 1/4-inch thick and 3/4-inch thick; anything thicker than this can get uncomfortable during long periods of wear (especially during exercise).
  • Non-bulky design: With all those different materials come different shapes, sizes, and weights—and some designs might be less comfortable than others depending on how they're constructed. When choosing a winter watch band for yourself or someone else who'll use it regularly during the cold months ahead (including outdoor sports enthusiasts), keep in mind that bulky designs will make wearing them more difficult than necessary over long periods of time because they may interfere with other clothing layers worn underneath them such as fleece jackets or sweaters etcetera.).

While there are plenty of Apple Watch bands that will keep you cozy when it's cold outside, Apple Watch bands in leather and fabric material are the two choices for winter since they are warm and comfortable. The material will insulate your skin from the harsh elements of winter while still being breathable enough to avoid overheating. A leather or fabric watch band in winter can help people to wear their Apple Watches with extreme ease and comfort.

Here are some of the leather and fabric Apple Watch bands we recommend:


Classic Leather is a great choice for cold weather because it's warm and comfortable—especially when you're bundled up in layers! It is a soft, durable natural material that can be used to make just about anything, including clothing. It's flexible yet sturdy and the different kinds of leather (also available in Vintage Leather) make it easy to customize your style in a variety of looks.

You can choose between several different colors (Crazy Horse, Black, Navy Blue, Capri, Burnt Orange, Violet), textures, and styles that make it look like a unique part of your outfit instead of just another accessory on top of everything else you're wearing.

Leather is also easy to clean. If you get caught in rain or snow, it's not going to stain or discolor easily—you can wipe down any dirt with a damp cloth without having to worry about damaging the leather itself. This makes cleaning much less stressful than cotton fabric would be!


Fabric is breathable which will make it more comfortable to wear in the winter months. It’s easier to clean and tends not to develop unsightly scuffs or discoloration and won't absorb as much moisture.

Braided Loop - The Braided Loop is an excellent choice for winter because it is breathable, comfortable, and has the ability to be cleaned easily. It comes in different shades of colors which can easily match your clothing attire whether you are wearing casual or formal clothes during colder weather too!

The soft and stretchable nylon material can withstand even the harshest conditions and will not fray or tear with extended wear. It’s a great material and it will keep your wrist warm when the temperature drops.

Denim - The band is made with classic denim, offset with cream stitching for an instantly recognizable look. This everyday band is perfect for all of your casual outfits on colder days.

Global Artisan -  The Global Artisan Series pays homage to different countries/regions, showcasing their unique fabric, patterns, and/or colors in a comfortable genuine leather lining paired with premium black hardware. This watch band is great for dressing up your favorite outfits in colder weather.

These fabrics are soft against your skin and provide just enough softness to make sure you don't get sore from wearing them all day long. Each band also has an adjustable clasp so you can make sure it fits perfectly on your wrist.

Ultimately, they're all made from materials that are comfortable to wear and durable enough to stand up against the elements. Plus they'll look great with any outfit whether you're going out on a date or off to work in your snow boots!

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